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One of the high points that attract tourists to Colorado is the promise of legal weed, but if you don’t have a good place to kick back and enjoy it, buying the weed is pretty much pointless. While possessing and buying weed are legal for everyone that is 21+ years of age, public consumption of marijuana is restricted throughout the state. If you mess up and stay at a hotel that isn’t 420 friendly, you might find yourself hard-pressed to find a safe and comfortable place to smoke your weed.

Some 420 Hotel Dos and Don’ts
Be aware of the following guidelines before you make any reservations:

  • Marijuana is still illegal under federal law
  • By Colorado law, hotels and private rental properties are allowed the ability to choose whether or not to allow guests to consume marijuana on the premises.
  • Under the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act, 75% of rooms in hotels are required to be smoke-free (Which includes any type of smoking, including tobacco).
  • Vaping is often allowed discreetly on a 420 hotel deck or patio.
  • Restrictions usually do not apply to edibles and tinctures.
  • Use a vaporizer pen. They give off no smoke and very little odor.
  • Even though a hotel allows smoking does not mean that it endorses the practice so be discreet.
  • Be sure to check out the smoking policy of your hotel before you check in!

Bud & Breakfasts
Bud & Breakfasts are becoming one of the hottest trends in cannatourism. Since these establishments are privately-owned properties they can offer a number of significant advantages over hotels:

  • Private property owners can mostly get around state consumption regulations.
  • Bud & Breakfasts range in size and have a variety of amenities from a student-like hostel to a luxurious spa. This virtually ensures that you can find anything to suit your style and your budget.

Plan ahead!
Bud & Breakfasts and 420 hotels are within close proximity to numerous local attractions — breweries, theatres, sports venues, restaurants, museums, and local landmarks. Incorporate your stay into a larger travel plan by taking in other sights, sounds, and tastes that Colorado has to offer!

View 420 Friendly Hotels in Denver
View 420 Friendly Hotels in Colorado

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