Labels On Marijuana Edibles Can Be Misleading

Posted by Ballpark Holistic Dispensary on March 14, 2017 in Marijuana Edibles No Comments

A recent study conducted by nonprofit research institute RTI International has concluded that labeling for marijuana edibles needs to be significantly improved. Research institute RTI International asked 94 people in Denver and Seattle about their opinions on how marijuana products are currently labeled. Sixty-two of the participants had used marijuana edibles recently, but the other

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Colorado Committee Votes to Reduce Number of Marijuana Plants Allowed in Home Grows

Posted by Ballpark Holistic Dispensary on March 9, 2017 in Marijuana Laws No Comments

Colorado currently allows medicals marijuana patients to grow up to 99 plants. Even though some jurisdictions including Denver already limit homes to 12 marijuana plants, Colorado is moving toward limiting growing marijuana at home under a bill that sets a max of 12 plants per residential property. A House committee voted 11-2 Monday to curb

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Senate Bill 17-184 – Private Marijuana Clubs In Colorado

Posted by Ballpark Holistic Dispensary on March 6, 2017 in Marijuana Industry Marijuana Laws No Comments

Denver Colorado is the first in the nation to move forward with the attempt to allow marijuana clubs as Senate bill 17-184 clears first hurdle. Senate bill 17-184 authorizes the operation of a private marijuana club (club) only if the local jurisdiction has authorized clubs. A club must meet the following qualifications: All members and

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Judge Rules Denver Parks’ Ban of Marijuana User Unconstitutional

Posted by Ballpark Holistic Dispensary on February 27, 2017 in Marijuana Knowledge Marijuana Laws News No Comments

A judge issued a reproach to Denver Parks and Recreation officials for their handling of a temporary ban of drug users from parks, saying the policy violated due-process rights. But city officials affirmed in a statement later that they planned to propose a permanent rule that would take the ruling into account as they seek

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Congressional Cannabis Caucus

Posted by Ballpark Holistic Dispensary on February 20, 2017 in Marijuana Knowledge Marijuana Laws No Comments

With the uncertainties of Trump’s Administrations approach to legal marijuana and public support for reforming marijuana laws at an all time high, has inspired a team of federal lawmakers to finally get serious about passing reforms in the 2017 session. Calling themselves the “Congressional Cannabis Caucus”, U.S. Representatives Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Jared

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