Cannabis Halloween Costumes

Posted by Ballpark Holistic Dispensary on October 23, 2017 in Cannabis Halloween

Cannabis Halloween Costumes cannabis halloween

Have fun this Halloween getting creative with play on words. Take your favorite strain and think of crazy ways you can make it into a Halloween costume. Take you favorite stoner movie and bring it to life.

Cannabis Halloween Costumes cannabis halloween

Pot Head

This costume can easily be made with a plastic pot from your local home improvement store. Just cut the bottom of the pot to fit your head. The costume on the right can be made with an old hat or baseball cap and begin by hot gluing on artificial pot leaves. And voila Pot Head!

Cannabis Halloween Costumes cannabis halloween

Zig-Zag Guy

This costume is especially easy if you’ve already got a full beard. Head to your local thrift store for your orange sweater, tee-shirt and beanie!

Cannabis Halloween Costumes cannabis halloween

Cheech & Chong

Watch the movie and get numerous Cheech and Chong easy and inexpensive costume ideas. Raid your closet or visit a thrift store and quickly replicate their looks! Find a friend to be your Cheech or Chonhg weed loving partner and you are ready to party.

Cannabis Halloween Costumes cannabis halloween

Grim Reefer

Many of us own something black…grab it out of your closet. Grab a black hooded cape from your local costume store, check out your local thrift store or maybe you have a hooded cape from an old costume….grab it. You can create your stoner scythe by taking an old broom stick and cover in black electrical tape. Make a large joint and attach to the top…voila the Grim Reefer!!!

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