Denver Dispensary Hours Extended to 10PM

Posted by Ballpark Holistic Dispensary on April 27, 2017 in Marijuana Laws

Denver Dispensary Hours Extended to 10PM marijuana laws

Denver city council extends dispensary hours to 10pm. Under current Denver regulations, dispensaries are prohibited from remaining open past 7pm. The council approved the new 10pm closing time with an 11 to 2 vote. Herndon and Debbie Ortega — who both had concerns about more access to marijuana — voted no. The new law allows marijuana retail outlets the option to adjust their hours beginning May 1.

For some neighborhood advocates and council members, though, a midnight closing time was too late — especially after they heard concerns from neighbors of pot shops who said traffic and parking problems were a problem under the present hours. But they saw 10 p.m. as a reasonable compromise that would provide more flexibility for store customers.

The council rejected amendments to reduce the amount of hours outlets can stay open, including an amendment from Council member Chris Herndon that would have prevented marijuana businesses from opening prior to 9am, compared to the current allowed opening time of 8am.

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