Employee of the Month Joshua James

Posted by Ballpark Holistic Dispensary on September 21, 2017 in Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month Joshua James employee of the month


Position: Packager

How long have you been with Ballpark?
About 2 years now.

What you love about working at Ballpark?
I love the atmosphere, everyone really gets along well, it’s low stress but yet very productive, quite rare in most other trades.

What makes you a great budtender/grower/packager?
I’m in packaging now and I love it. My two favorite hobbies are music and books, so it’s nice I can just put on my headphones and listen to some zeppelin, or some Stephen king! I also worked about a year in the grow, I did maintenance and trimmed, so there’s not much I haven’t done here but packaging is my favorite.

Favorite edible?
I almost never eat edibles but my favorite I’ve had is the peanut butter and jelly chocolates.

Favorite sativa?
Blue Dream, it’s a hybrid but I rarely smoke any pure sativas.

Favorite indica?
Again it’s a hybrid but I love Black Jack, it’s an indica dominant and by far my favorite strain.

The best way(s) you enjoy cannabis?
I’m all about concentrates, rosin, wax and shatters. Live resin is my favorite but it’s kinda pricey so yeah.

Favorite stoner movie(s)?
Up in smoke without a doubt. Although half baked is pretty close. Aw shit dazed and confused?

Favorite stoner activity/hobby?
Video games of course.

Stoner piece you can’t live with out?
My skeeter. ( dab straw )

Favorite stoner recipe?
Mixing a bunch of waxes? I don’t know hahaha.

Favorite stoner music/album/artist?
Anything zeppelin or Floyd I’m an old guy so I’m all about classic rock.

Favorite stoner quote?

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