How to Celebrate 4/20?

Posted by Ballpark Holistic Dispensary on April 12, 2017 in 4/20

How to Celebrate 4/20? 420

1. Wake & Bake

But we don’t need to tell you this. Goes without saying, right? Start your 420 with the best brain buzz you can and settle in for a day of celebrating the great green.

2. Take a Hike

April 20 is all about celebrating green so why not check out some of the numerous great spring-time hikes around Denver. Remember we’re all here to prevent forest fires so be smart about what you take on your hike…pack you a vape or favorite edibles and head for the hills.

3. Bowl

A tribute to one of my all time favorite stoner movies…The Big Lebowski. Be ‘The Dude’ – roll a jay, have a White Russian while enjoying a game of tenpins but whatever you do, do not let your toe slip over the line a little!

4. Find a Festival

4/20 may officially be the beginning of festival season. I don’t know if that’s documented somewhere, but it should be. Look in the local paper, guaranteed there’s a band or twenty performing in a park near you, reggae most likely.

5. Bake

Appetizers, dinner, snacks, dessert, make everything canna-oil and/or canna-butter infused. Bake the traditional pot brownies, make a ganja infused cake and Make it in the shape of a gigantic pot leaf, or get creative with a chex mix recipe…the world wide web is your oyster Google your favorite recipes and get baked!

6. Netflix & Chill

Dazed and Confused…
Cheech and Chong…
The Big Lebowski…
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas…
Call in sick! Call it religious observance! Do what you have to do to hang on the couch with your favorite weed and friend and watch some stoner flicks.

Still not sure what to do. Take the quiz I took it the 5 question quiz and looks like I’ll be seeing you all in the great outdoors!

We’d love to hear your favorite 420 day activity!

Ballpark Holistic Dispensary
However you choose to celebrate Ballpark’s knowledgeable Budtenders are happy to help you make this the best 4/20!

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