Live Rosin vs. Rosin

Posted by Ballpark Holistic Dispensary on September 27, 2017 in Marijuana Knowledge

Live Rosin vs. Rosin marijuana knowledge

What is Rosin?

Rosin refers to an extraction process that utilizes a combination of heat and pressure to nearly instantaneously extract resinous sap from your initial starting material. This method has multipurpose in that it can either be used with flower or to clean up hash and kief into a full-melt hash oil. The result is a translucent, sappy, and sometimes shatter-like product. When executed correctly, rosin can rival the flavor, potency, and yield of other solvent-based extraction products.

Rosin vs Live Rosin

Rosin is extracted from dried flower, keif, or hash. Live Rosin is extracted from fresh or frozen flower that has never been cured or dried. So the difference is in the terpenes.

Extract fans in the cannabis community proclaim that live rosin has superior taste due to its freshness. The monoterpenes present in fresh cannabis can be attributed to the flavorful taste of live rosin.

In addition to having a more flavorful taste, live rosin looks much different from rosin. It has a very opaque look, resembling wax or honey. Even though it’s grainy texture can make it more difficult to work with, the clean high’s from rosin are worth the trouble.

Unlike rosin, live rosin does require a solvent due to the excess liquid in fresh cannabis.

Why is Rosin so popular?

Rosin’s popularity comes from the fact that it’s a solventless technique, so the process does not require use of any foreign substances. Instead, rosin uses a mechanical process involving heat and pressure to extract the resin from the plant.

Perhaps the most important reason why rosin has been so widely adopted is the sheer simplicity of this technology, allowing cannabis enthusiasts with no background in chemistry or botanical extractions to try it out for themselves with minimal risk.

Rosin can almost be made anywhere, and requires the following items:

  1. A hair straightener
  2. A bit of parchment paper
  3. A collection tool
  4. Heat-resistant gloves


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