Top Ten Rolling Papers

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Top Ten Rolling Papers marijuana top ten

Quality rolling papers are often overlooked when it comes to smoking weed, but picking the right one can make for a much better experience taking you one step closer to bliss.

Top Ten Rolling Papers marijuana top ten

1. RAW Hemp Rolling Papers

Their papers are durable and eco-friendly. They are made from unrefined, non-GMO organic hemp to ensure that the only thing you can taste is your cannabis. Also, they’re vegan-friendly. RAW’s are easy to roll, they don’t tear as much as other papers do. The watermark throughout the paper slows down the burn, leaving you with little ash and making the smoke light. These are the papers for truly Earth-loving-tree-hugging stoners.

Top Ten Rolling Papers marijuana top ten

2. Zig-Zag Rolling Papers

These rolling papers are not only one of the most popular brands around the globe, but also one of the thickest rolling papers available that won’t wrinkle and tear, making them perfect for the beginner who wants to achieve the mastery of rolling joints. These papers are made from hemp and are especially durable. They are also easy to roll due to their thickness. As Zig-Zag’s burn slowly with a light smoke, they don’t waste weed. So, you can enjoy puffing and only worry about getting more herb.

Top Ten Rolling Papers marijuana top ten

3. Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Yes the name fits for these rolling papers that are made from 24K gold and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. The hemp blend base makes the joint durable, as well as to burn smoothly and evenly. You will not only enjoy the smoke, but also the golden ashes left behind. These definitely are the papers for any special occasion. So, make sure you know how to roll well before investing in these papers and your gold joint just might be the conversation starter at the party.

Top Ten Rolling Papers marijuana top ten

4. Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers

If you’re looking to add a little bit of taste to your joints and weed then Juicy Jay’s Papers are for you. To guarantee safe use, the papers are made from hemp, the flavors are infused using a triple-dipped flavoring system, printed with soy-based ink, and the sealing is made from a natural sugar gum. These papers are easy to roll, as they don’t tear or wrinkle too much. The burn is slow and even allowing you to enjoy a consistent taste throughout the paper. Currently, there are more than 40 flavors available.

Top Ten Rolling Papers marijuana top ten

5. Elements Rolling Papers

Since these rolling papers are thinner, each joint produces significantly less ash. You’ll truly experience the taste of the bud, without the distraction of a butane lighter or those thicker papers. Remember the thinner the paper, the more skill you must possess. These rolling papers can crinkle and fold, as you reduce the thickness of the paper, you’ll increase how easy it is to ruin the rolling paper. So, you’ll want to have decent rolling skills under your belt before purchasing and if you’re not at that point yet practice makes perfect and each pack comes with a 300 leaves.

Top Ten Rolling Papers marijuana top ten

6. Big Bambu Rolling Papers

These rolling papers are an especially popular among those beginner rollers and those stoners who are simply not good at rolling joints. Even though Big Bambu papers are one of the thinnest available on the market, they’re still perfect for making fat and huge joints. You can enjoy your marijuana to the fullest with the even and slow burn of these papers. Which really is the point of thin paper to be able to smoke and taste the weed…not the paper.

Top Ten Rolling Papers marijuana top ten

7. Randy’s Roots Hemp Rolling Papers

These are just another type of paper for folks who love organic things. Made with wood pulp and hemp these papers are thick. Thus, the slow and even burn lets you enjoy your joint until the very last puff. The small metal wire that’s glued into the bottom edge of the paper right where the filter goes in, makes rolling easier. The joint comes out tight, strong, and perfectly straight. Also, as the joint is being smoked, it’s easier to hold it by the metallic wire rather than the roach. Perfect papers for the beginners in rolling joints!

Top Ten Rolling Papers marijuana top ten

8. OCB Premium Rolling Papers

These king size OCB Slim Size Papers are 100% natural and super thin. Due to their thinness inexperienced rollers might face problems with them. Though, the Arabic gum helps greatly to make longer joints that burn slowly and smoothly. Pleasantly, OCB’s come with pre-cut, ink-free filters that just as the papers themselves are easy to roll. Let’s admit that it’s not always easy to find a piece of proper joint cardboard around, especially when you’re out of your house. OCB has you covered – you won’t have to look for filters anymore. Just don’t forget your weed!

Top Ten Rolling Papers marijuana top ten

9. Trip 2 Clear Rolling Papers

These absolutely transparent papers will make your marijuana look like it’s floating on air. Even though these are made from cellulose, they are strong, do not wrinkle, and are easy to roll. These papers spark quickly but burn slowly and cleanly. You can enjoy the full taste of your weed without any aftertaste from the papers. Note – joints rolled in Trip 2 Clear Papers are not discrete for smoking pot in public!

Top Ten Rolling Papers marijuana top ten

10. Rizla Blue Slim Rolling Papers

These papers are made from rice and are shockingly light and durable even though these papers are king size. They are one of the thinnest papers on the market, so if you are clumsy these papers might pose a threat to your rolling abilities. Thanks to the slimness, these papers burn slower. Also, they do not interfere with the smoke of weed and leave minimal ash behind. Rizla Blue are FSC Certified, which means they’re contributing to saving and maintaining the world’s most important forest resources.

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