What are Terpenes?

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What are Terpenes? marijuana knowledge

What are Terpenes?

“Terpene” is the latest word that should be added to your cannabis vocabulary. Taste and smell are the most commonly compared traits, but terpenes can also produce therapeutic effects while acting synergistically with other terpenes and cannabinoids to either strengthen or dull them.

Many of us have been focusing our attention on the THC and CBD content, and many strains have been bred to maximize one or the other. What we’re uncovering is that a plant’s terpene profile can be just as important as the percentage of THC or CBD found in a specific strain.

Terpenes are the oils that give the unique flavor and smell of your cannabis plants and flowers. Much like THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, terpenes originate in the glands of the cannabis plant. Terpenes are produced in specialized hairs called trichomes. They are located on the surface of the stems and leaves and account for 5-10 percent of the total essential oils produced by trichomes.

When heat is applied to cannabis and the smoke is inhaled, terpenes create the distinct odors and flavors you experience like citrus, musk, floral, or pine. Researchers have identified more than 100 different terpenes in cannabis. Each of these strains has its own unique profile giving its own scent, flavor, and effect within our bodies. The implications are that cannabis can be bred to virtually unlimited combinations depending on the desired effect, making it a truly customizable treatment.

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