What is Dabbing?

Posted by Ballpark Holistic Dispensary on April 1, 2017 in Marijuana Concentrates Marijuana Knowledge

What is Dabbing? marijuana knowledge marijuana concentrates

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is the term for smoking butane hash oil and extracting 90% of the THC. It is the most efficient way to medicate with cannabis concentrates today.

Dabs are the term for a small amount of concentrated THC/CBD that are inhaled using an oil rig setup. The vapors produced from dabbing concentrates are commonly known as oil, wax, budder, shatter, sugar wax, or crumble

A high strain of cannabis would normally be rated at 12% to 31% THC and concentrates like wax and shatter can have anywhere from 64% to 94% THC.

Why Dab?

A great comparison is if you were to eat a 100mg Brownie it will take 45 mins – 2 hours to kick in depending on your metabolism versus a .1 gram dab will set in on the exhale and if it is 91% THC you are getting 91mg instantly. In other words, it gets you stupid high ridiculous fast!

Regardless of tolerance levels, the effects from a dab will be felt immediately.

Ballpark Holistic Dispensary
How do you select the perfect concentrate? Flower is a great place to start. What you like as flower will only be intensified as a concentrate. Ballpark’s Budtenders are happy to help assist you with any of your Dabbing questions and needs.

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